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Andi F. Simangunsong
Managing Partner

Education: University of Indonesia
Languages: Indonesian and English

Andi Simangunsong is well known for his extensive experience in litigation practice. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of University of Indonesia. Prior to establishing AFS Partnership, Andi spent more than seven years in one of Indonesia's most prestigious litigation law firms while he was also dedicated his time serving as the Director of a prominent (pro bono) legal aid foundation. In more than fifteen years of practice, Andi has handled numerous high profile cases and disputes from all areas of litigation. In criminal cases, he acted as a counsel to Equanimity (Cayman) Ltd., the owner of Equanimity yacht that was unlawfully seized by the Indonesia National Police Force on the request of US Federal Bureau of Investigation in Indonesian water territory. He also acted as a counsel to the shareholder of Bank Century in Bank Century bailout scandal, being the biggest bank fraud case in Indonesia. He is also representing other numerous of high profile criminal cases in Indonesia.

In commercial disputes, he is a counsel to PTT Public Company Limited, a Thailand state owned oil and gas company against USD 2 Billion lawsuit filed by the government of the Republic Indonesia in relation to an incident of oil spill in Australian territorial sea (Montara Oil Case) which spread into the Indonesian territory and accused of resulting environmental pollution in Indonesia. Andi is also counsel to PT Berkah Karya Bersama against Mrs. Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana (daughter of Soeharto, the Indonesian former president) in relation to the shares dispute of a television broadcast company (currently known as MNC TV) which is notably one of the most highly scrutinized dispute in Indonesia. He is also representing other numerous of high profile disputes in Indonesia. In bankruptcy and restructuring, besides representing banks and debtor in numerous cases, Andi was also appointed as the administrator of PT Trikomsel Oke Tbk., an Indonesian mobile-phone retailer public company in its Suspension of Obligation for Payment of Debt case, with the total outstanding debt of more than USD 500 Million. Andi is a committee of the Indonesia Advocates Association (PERADI) and also a committee at the Indonesian Association of Receiver and Administrator (IKAPI).



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